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Brooke Morrigan, LCSW-C, LICSW
Rewarding and productive psychotherapy relies on a unique kind of relationship, one of collaboration between client and therapist in which trust and trustworthiness, respect, empathy, insight and honesty are fundamental. Of course, all human life is relational, shaping how we experience ourselves in the world. As a therapist, I support my clients in exploring their relational patterns, with the goal of repairing the relational wounds that limit freedom and joy and creating new, more generative ways of relating that promote happiness, creativity, generosity, and compassion.

Within this philosophical framework, I help my clients address problems of everyday life, troubling emotional issues and their consequences, and chronic mental illness. My basic orientation is psychodynamic and psychoanalytic, with cognitive-behavioral approaches added when appropriate. However, every client is unique in their experiences, their sense of themselves, and their outlook on life, and no single method or theory is helpful to everyone, so I approach each client and each session with as much openmindedness as possible. In exploring with the client what is, what was, and what can be, certainly words – conversation – are important. But I also value the body’s language and the communication that sometimes happens in silence.

I chose to enter the clinical social work profession as a mature woman. In addition to my training, I practice out of a life of rich experience in the joys and griefs of existence. I appreciate the life of the spirit, as well as the mind and body. My intention is to assist my clients in discovering greater joy and freedom in themselves, building on their strengths and expanding their access to emotional and behavioral choices.